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Careers in Intelligence

The Soaring Phoenix Youth (SPY) program is intended for college students who are looking to start their career in the intelligence contracting world.

As a program member, you will be given a mentor, based on your areas of interest and who will curate a program that will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to secure a job upon graduating.

SPY Program Graduates

AnnaMae Georgieff

The Crimson SPY Program has helped me understand how to create and execute web pages. I came into this program knowing little about web development and all the steps that go into it.

This program has helped me recognize the central system’s coding layout. My goals in this program were to make sense of web coding language and how to execute my work. The course was flexible and easy to comprehend, in addition to a welcoming environment.

Siddharth Tibrewala

During his mentorship, Siddharth learned a lot about being a scientist in the real world.
He audited a short course geared towards hypersonic engine design, and investigated the ongoing research programs at his university, in preparation for a possible Master’s degree in hypersonics. Lastly, he explored the differences between being employed by government labs, universities, and contractors.

Ritika Venketesh

Going into the SPY program, I had limited experience with programming. Seeing that my major/the field I want to work in has much to do with systems and interface development, this program has helped me rapidly expand my knowledge of different programming languages, in turn better preparing me for the future.

Arjun Anand

I initially joined the Crimson SPY program through my parents to learn web development. After joining, I have found this program very helpful as I received weekly mentoring and clear assignments that helped me understand the material taught in class. It also helped me for professional and career growth.

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